Charter the Global Express 5000

Bombardier built in North America. A transcontinental range that allows you to fly non-stop from London to Los Angeles or New York to Tokyo. A roomy cabin with ample room for your whole team. Get there faster. Go further. Climb to your cruising faster than any other private jet; this is what you get when you charter a Global Express 5000 for your next long-range business travel needs.

At the time of its inception, the Global Express 5000 was the world’s fastest ultra-long-range business jet in its class, offering the business traveler up to 10 hours of non-stop flight and truly living up to its name. Today it is still a force to be reckoned with, offering a huge cabin with seating for up to 19 passengers that measure 6.3 feet high by 8.2 feet wide by 48.4 feet long. The area can be divided into three distinct sections, making it perfect for in-flight meetings, and it features a state of the art entertainment and connectivity center that allows for work to continue en route. It is not only roomy, but comfortable as well, with plush seating, work tables, two bathrooms and even a designated bedroom space as well as a full galley kitchen and bar areas.

The Bombardier Global Express 5000 comfortably cruises at an altitude or 42,000 feet which is much higher than that of commercial aircraft and other private jets. This, coupled with its speed allows you to reach your destination in less time and with less hassle than if you chose to go commercial. Its ability to take off and land on short runways also lends itself to business trips that need to reach smaller airports in smaller cities, allowing for a door-to-door convenience that cannot be had with other transportation choices.

Inside, the Global Express 5000 is a quiet ride that has wing specifications that allow for a reduction in turbulence, even though the engines are designed for maximum thrust and speed. The many windows, even in the lavatory area allows for ample natural light that is complemented by a lighting system that isn’t harsh or too bright, but which allows your team to work or relax in comfort, and helps everyone arrive alert and refreshed.

For transcontinental or transoceanic journeys, nothing beats this aircraft for speed and comfort. It is full of the little details that make a long haul flight more pleasurable and allows for ample room to move about in comfort in flight without the restrictions imposed on a commercial flight.