Staying Connected While Traveling in the 21st Century Mobile World

The 21st century has become quite hectic. Our careers take us to more places than ever before to conduct business, whether we are in business for ourselves or for companies for whom we work. As hectic as that is, though, what makes traveling in business the most hectic is the fact that we are never far away from the office thanks to the power of the mobile Internet and our mobile devices.

Our smartphones and tablets are almost as essential in this day and age as are the luggage that carry our belongings from one city to another and the clothes we wear from place to place and meeting to meeting. Without our mobile devices, we cannot stay in constant contact with our superiors and with our companies to ensure we are getting critical business done. This is usually critical to ensure we have real-time data and updates on important business matters that often pertain to the meetings we attend and deals we are attempting to complete for the profitability and sustainability of our companies.

Thus, it’s vital that we ensure that our mobile devices are in good working order and that we always have them powered up to ensure we can stay in constant contact with headquarters and our superiors. Therefore, know where there are power outlets where you can charge up your devices if you need to. Whether this is in the hotel room, in the conference room, or elsewhere, plan ahead of time to ensure you have plenty of juice when that critical meeting or interview takes place so your mobile device doesn’t run out of power at a critical moment.

It’s also prudent to have one or more external battery packs to power your mobile devices. Oftentimes, there is a delay or situation that occurs that you don’t plan for. It could be a delay at the airport, a delay in the start of a meeting, or even getting caught in a traffic jam on the way to the meeting that could cause you to be away from a power outlet longer than you planned. While these situations often can’t be planned for ahead of time or avoided, you can mitigate their effects on your day by having one or more fully-charged external battery packs you can plug your mobile device into to ensure it is functioning and ready to go when that important meeting starts.

Before you head on an important trip, take some time with your mobile device to ensure you know exactly how long it will last doing normal functions (such as calling, texting, searching on the Internet, etc.). The stated times the battery will last and how long your battery will actually last are not often the same, especially if your device is older, runs on 4G LTE (uses up more battery power), or if you are doing several tasks at one time. It’s important to know exactly what your device is capable of doing and not doing before you actually go out on that important business trip.

Twenty-first century business usually involves us traveling and staying in contact with our superiors and our businesses via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is virtually impossible to conduct business nowadays without such devices being at our disposal and ready to use. It’s important we have our devices charged and ready-to-go, no matter what delays or challenges may come our way. Knowing exactly what your device is capable of battery-wise and having one or more fully-charged external battery packs handy can help to ensure that your mobile devices will help you to conduct the critical business meetings and negotiations that need to be done while you’re away from the office.