7 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Security Guard For Your Top Executives

Looking through Security companies in London may seem like a tedious and difficult process. However, it’s actually one of the easiest tasks that you can do when you’re taking steps in improving the security of your company. Provided you know what you’re looking for, you will be able to hire a security guard for your top executives with relative ease.

Below are some of the most important questions that you have to ask before you hire a security guard for your top executives.

1. Experience In the Local Market

Although experience, in general, is an important factor that you have to weigh when hiring a security guard, you have to know if the security guard that you’ll hire has an experience in the local market. Have they worked before in the particular area that you’re in? This will give you an idea as to how familiar they are with the environment.

2. Training Capacity

To ensure the security of your top executives, one must look at how security guards London are trained. It’s important to also take note of the site-specific security training that they have in mind especially for venues where your top executives are going to be located in for most of the time. It’s important that your security also knows at least basic first aid.

3. Technologies Used

Gone are the days when Security companies in London only use walkie-talkies. Nowadays, they use much more sophisticated technology such as GPS and other devices. You have to make sure that the security firm that you’re going with incorporates these incredibly useful things.

4. Discretion

When you hire a security guard, you have to be able to trust them when it comes to vital information. Your top executives will undoubtedly be talking a lot about internal affairs with your company. What is the reputation of the security firm and do their guards pass any messages up the chain of command?

5. Vehicles

Unless you have a specific plan of transportation with your top executives, you have to ensure that your security firm is also able to handle the security of the vehicles with which your top executives are going to be arrived and leaving on. Will they provide their own vehicles or can they work with more common vehicles?

6. Daily Rates

Of course, before you move forward with accepting an agreement with a security firm, you have to look at the daily rates that they have with their security guards. Will you be able to afford those rates for a long period of time? Do you think that other security firms provide more bang for your buck in terms of security?

7. Travel

Top executives are going to be travelling a lot. You have to ensure that they’re protected no matter where they go and that includes overseas travel. Will the security guards be able to accompany them on overseas travel as well?