Are You on Track?

First of all, what is going on mindset wise when we take our foot off the gas?

Well, it’s back to beliefs. Our beliefs guide every decision we make and what action we do and don’t take. So, if you are stopping, it’s because deep down you have a limiting belief at play. Maybe it’s that you believe you have to work hard to earn money and you’re already feeling burned out, maybe you’re afraid to fail deep down (insert being afraid of the judgement of others), or maybe it’s the thinking that you don’t have a plan and stay in confusion.

So, we need to identify this first. What is causing you to stop?

From there, we need to create a new empowered belief to repeat AND make decisions from. This is where we “act as if” until it becomes just “if”.

Check out the “Chris Recommends” section for a resource on this:-)

Once we get rolling again, we need to develop a plan. The universe loves clarity. Map out two to three strategies to focus on now. Looking at the past for clues on what has worked, and modernizing those strategies will be best.

Implement these strategies until brought to fruition.

Too often business owners give up or get bored before they see the fruits of their labor come to life, when it’s literally right about to happen!

Stick it out. Keep track of your other amazing ideas for after these ones are fully implemented. The universe will absolutely show you all of your next steps and guide you.

Trust and have faith, and keep saying yes and taking action!

Have a system. We all know follow-up is where it’s at. What is your system for following-up?

Also, what is your system for staying on course?

Map out your due dates for your two to three strategies, and all of the steps in-between. Assign dates to everything to ensure they have a place in your calendar. Overestimate the amount of time it will take so that you don’t create overwhelm and the fear of not enough time – another mindset trap to throw you off course.

So, for example, if one strategy is to offer a webinar; decide on the date, map out all of the steps to get ready, get clear on your call to action, and then assign dates to all of those steps to ensure being prepared. Remember to look at any technical things you need to sort out as well. You will likely need to start the preparation a month in advance, unless it’s a well-oiled machine at this point.

Which brings up a great point. Create a system for anything you do the first time, so that you can replicate it multiple times moving forward.

Add in some accountability. Get a buddy or a coach and get to it. Your growth and goals are worth it.

And above all else, what will really help you skyrocket your business this year? Is it speaking, doing videos, networking? Start here and then build your 2-3 strategies around this <3 <3 <3