Sales Tip Five

One of the greatest life skill tips, I have ever seen, is to apply the rulle of five. This simple daily commitment, to carry out an additional five activities, when you feel that you want to give up. This simple rule, has supported me to dramatically improve my sales perfromance and results.

As you know success with using the phone, is a numbers game. When you apply the “RULE of FIVE”, where you make another “5 additional telephone connections” every time you feel like you have made enough calls, you get to push yourself, so that you increase the number of calls you make.

The more effective “telephone calls” you make, the more likely you are going to have a positive outcome, where you get to arrange a meeting with a future customer.

Persistence and consistency is the key to achieving success, when using the telephone

The rule of five, is a very powerful way to ensure that you dont give up on making those crucial prospecting calls. I find it very empowering to push myself, just a little each day.

When you apply the rule of five, that small amount of daily persistence adds up into massive success. The secret to sales success, is found doing a little a lot. In other words, your small daily actions add up into the ongoing sales success you desire.

Give the rule of five a go, it is one of the most simple daily actions that over time add up into massive sales success.